Partial Fills


An order routed through SmartEx may have partial fills. Schwab will continue attempting to fill the order until it's completed.

Direct Access

If you have Direct Access enabled for your account, it is your responsibility to make sure your order is filled to your satisfaction. Partially filled orders require a decision on your part to either enter an additional order for the remaining shares or not.

For Direct Access orders, there is always the potential that your order will not completely fill. As the default settings have a maximum value of 180 seconds for ECN orders, it is very possible not to complete an order in under three minutes, depending upon the symbol, market, and routing method. Commissions will be based upon the price and number of shares filled on each order. To change the Auto cancel timeout setting go to the Orders tab in the Settings > General window.


All orders and executions can be viewed in the Order Status tab of the Account Detail window or, if there was more than one fill, in the Order Detail window. This window can be accessed by double clicking on the order or by clicking on the order and going to Orders > Detail in the menu.


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